Monday, May 19, 2014

Tall Tails Kickstarter Launch!

Not sure if you’ve heard or seen on Facebook, but I’ve been working for the past few months on a new mobile game –Tall Tails! It’s a dog themed adventure puzzle, and if successful, it will work to give percentage of its profit to dog rescue charities.

My team has been working really hard lately to make it all come together, and it’s finally ready! Well – almost ready. We’ve completed half the work, but now we are launching our game onto Kickstarter to help build awareness, and get the last bit of funding we need.

If you’re not sure what Kickstarter is, it’s a crowdfunding website where friends, family and complete strangers can donate towards a cause or project. Any amount is accepted and no amount goes unnoticed. I’m reaching out to you today and asking for your help! I hope that if you’re taking the time to read this email you will check out my Kickstarter page and consider donating to our goal of $150,000. All pledge amounts from $10 up help us get one step closer to our goal. Best yet, each pledge gets a reward in return, so be sure to read through our rewards tiers and see what’s offered. I’d be forever grateful for any support you could offer.

It would also mean the world to me if you would share the campaign , with all your friends through email or on social media. The more people that know about our campaign the better our chances of success!

In case you don’t already know how Kickstarter works, the amount you pledge will not be charged to your credit/ debit card until we meet the fundraising goal of $150,000. If we don’t reach the goal by ., your credit/debit card will not be charged.

Thank you so much!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Day is almost here!

Grab the one you love!

This was a quick water color sketch of a cute moment I thought I would share.

The Seven Most Interesting Startups At 500 Startups Demo Day by Alexia Tsotsis on

Here is a good article I found regarding some of the more fun app ideas I have seen. Below is a snippet from the interview by Alexia Tsotsis on

"Halfway to living up to its moniker with over 250 startups, 500 Startups held a series of demo days this week and last, where a group of 33 scrappy startups presented their wares to investors in both New York and San Francisco. As we are wont to do with these things, we visited the 500 Startups offices in Mountain View and interviewed the seven that we thought were the most interesting, from both an investor and consumer standpoint.
The startups chosen spanned all sorts of market territory, from a novel take on media-based eCommerce to a SaaS for farmers, but what they all had in common was a unique approach to the problem they were trying to solve as well as an inkling of that other indeterminate thing that makes a startup great."

Follow here for the full article and videos of some of the interviews. The Seven Most Interesting Startups

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Art of Revelry Contest

© 2011 Riot Games Inc. All rights reserved.

It's 2012?! Are you in the mood for a new art contest for some sweet computer loots? Well then look no further then Riot Games, League of Legends, "The Art of Revelry Contest" where participants will be asked to create League of Legends art with a Lunar Revel theme!

The competition has some pretty sweet gear from Alienware, Logitech, and Riot.

© 2011 Riot Games Inc. All rights reserved.
League of Legends and Riot Games Inc. are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc.

Here is the rundown of their rules:
  • Your entry must be your original artwork that you created yourself!
  • Your entry must include at least one champion and at least one item from the League of Legends in-game shop.
  • Your entry must be themed around Lunar Revel and the New Year! That means fireworks, lanterns, however you’d like to show it.
  • It should be art that you have drawn, painted, sketched or otherwise created in traditional mediums, digital or real!
  • Entries must be received in one of the following formats: .jpg, .bmp, .gif or .png.
  • You’re welcome to collaborate, but there must be no more than three summoners per entry.
  • Your entry must be crafted specifically for this contest. We’ve got eyes and ears everywhere, so no funny business!
  • Entries must be appropriate for all ages! Nothing naughty, summoners.

The prizes include:

"The top two entrants will win a new Alienware m14x gaming laptop and 15,000 Riot Points! There are many other prizes you could win, including awesome gear from our friends at Logitech including the G510 keyboard, G400 mouse and more! Be sure to send your summoner name and region (NA, EUNE or EUW) off with your submission to before February 2nd at 8am PST! To check out the official rules, click here and thanks to our buddies at Alienware and Logitech for these awesome prizes!"

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mini Golf: Wacky Worlds

©2011 Glu Mobile Inc. Check out game here

Mini Golf: Wacky Worlds by Glu Mobile was a fun project to have an opportunity to work on. It was winner of the "Bronze Award" from Pocket Gamer (more on that review here), and is a game featuring:

  • FOUR WACKY WORLDS: Explore the wackiest courses ever imagined for an ultimate mini golf experience. Float on islands in the sky, dodge volcanoes in the sea, slip and slide on the ice, and jump over rivers of melted cheese!
  • DIVERSE AND CREATIVE MINI GOLF EXPERIENCE: Play through 40 uniquely different holes with interactive scenery and striking 3D graphics. Play around giant mushrooms, rivers of lava, snowy beasts, and lumps of cheese. Watch out for the dynamic obstacles and be sure to knock out all the gophers in Gopher Mode.
  • FOUR CUSTOMIZABLE CHARACTERS: Visit the pro shop to upgrade your equipment, personalize your characters and buy better clubs, like the Gyrohop Mark III and the Robosteer 1000!
  • SHOW OFF YOUR SWING: Touch and tilt to control the ball and earn up to 15 achievements to unlock courses and show off to your friends.

I worked primarily in the pre-production stages which gave me the chance to do the early concepts for the Cheese Moon level. Here is a look at some of those early concepts:

And here is a look at what it all looks like finalized in game! Check it out if you like mini golf!

©2011 Glu Mobile Inc. Check out game here

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bachelorette Party Accessories!

Greetings! Here are some fun Bachelorette Party accessories that we have had put together for So if you are getting married... time to take a shot before you tie the knot!

Find their Store at:

And their blog at:

Available as a Button, Shirt, or Sticker

Available as a Button, Shirt, or Sticker
Customizable Bachelorette Party Jewelry
Customizable Bachelorette Party Accessories

Available as a Button, Shirt, or Sticker

Red African Art

This piece was inspired and created by Jane as a color piece while researching African art and culture. It is (5" x 5") Colored Pencil on Wood. Enjoy!

African Culture Art (5"x 5") Colored Pencil on Wood